SCM Development, Management & Optimization

Supplier Quality Management

Shentou provides on site services
such as factory audit and pre shipment
inspections in China

Shentou Services

Shentou helps a Russian OE customer to develop a complete CKD program

The Client:
RussianFounded in 2005. Leading first-tier supplier to major Russian OEMs with automotive components and electrical attachments for gasoline and diesel engines. Annual revenue approximately US$25 million.

Procurement in China:
Approx. US$20M annually (Serviced by Shentou) About 20 active suppliers

Experience with Shentou:
Since 2007

Services by Shentou:
Services by Shentou:Full-service project / product development
Full-service Supplier quality management
Full-service procurement process management

Special Project:

Shentou has been managing the client’s development of components for starters and alternators, such as aluminum brackets, armatures, solenoids, drive assemblies, stators, rotors, rectifiers and regulators.

In total, Shentou developed more than 1,500 components for OE, as well as 835 alternator components & 668 starter components for the aftermarket applications.

Shentou is also managing the full procurement process for the client.

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