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Shentou has been assisting international automotive OE customers in the development, management and optimization of their China supply chains for over 2 decades.

When international OE customers want to develop products in China, Shentou supports the customers in supplier qualification and selection, development project management, procurement process management and supplier quality management.

Typically, Shentou’s services cover the entire process.

▌Supplier qualification & selection:

● Receiving RFQ from the client (with detailed information, including 2D & 3D drawings, specifications, volume, project timeline, etc.)
● Research for potential suppliers from existing supplier database as well as cultivating new suppliers (Long List)
● Initial benchmark
● Pre-auditing based on IATF 16949 using Shentou’s internal audit reporting format (Short List)
● Official inspection & auditing by the client based on the client’s audit reporting format
● Selection of suppliers, requesting for corrections of non-conformities discovered during audit and quality improvement
● Supply Contract negotiation

▌Development project management:

● 3D rough/raw part design and approval
● Tooling design and development
● Tooling trial (through manufacturing — samples/drawing/testing report submission)
● Sample validation
● Pilot run – PPAP submission (functional test, dimension check, process flow chart, material testing, reliability test, PFMEA, control plan, etc.)
● DV (Design Validation) testing
● PSW Approval (Part Submission Warrant Approval)
● SOP & Mass production

▌Procurement process management

● Purchase order placement with the supplier
● Production status monitoring
● Delivery & logistic coordination
● Shipping documents (Invoice, BL, Pre-shipment Inspection Report, Testing Report, etc.) verification

▌Supplier quality management

● Supplier quality performance monitoring
● Quality complaint handling processing (Customer report, factory feedback, 8D Report, etc.)

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