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Shentou provides on-site services
such as factory audit and pre-shipment
inspections in China

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Limited-time Offer for Factory Inspection

Factory inspections examines the factory’s basic information and the main process/content of the production implementation, including:

○ Factory’s basic information
○ Management of the main raw material suppliers
○ Development and design of products and processes
○ Production process management
A quality management system audit focuses on the development, documentation and implementation of the organization-wide quality management system to determine its compliance with corporate policies, contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.

Factory Inspection vs. Audit:

Factory inspection is different from a standard factory audit which is a comprehensive assessment of the factory’s overall quality management system based on the complete terms of the ISO9001 or IATF16949 standards.

Why Shentou?

Decades’ experience

For over 24 years, Shentou has been a service specialist in China for international buyer of automotive spare parts in both OEM and aftermarket sectors.

Primary focus on automotive industry

Acting as a provider for supplier quality management services specialized for the automotive industry, including quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), Shentou has accumulated in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the areas of
○ Product design & development
○ Factory management
○ Production process organization
○ Quality management system (QMS) implementation.

Core competence

Shentou’s service customers include both automobile OE and aftermarket clients in Europe, America and the Middle East. Shentou’s QA/QC offices are strategically located in supplier-rich regions in China and staffed with quality management specialists with core competence in the following:

√ Focused Industries
○ Automotive
○ Vehicle electronics & accessory
○ Power generation
○ Agricultural & industrial machinery

√ Focused Processes
○ Aluminum die casting, gravity casting, nodular iron casting & grey iron casting
○ Stamping, Forging (Cold/Hot), Welding, Machining
○ Electrical & Electronics

√ Focused Materials
○ Iron (Grey & Ductile), Steel, Aluminum & Composite
○ Plastic, Rubber, Textile

Case Studies

Shentou acts as a supplier auditor for a European aftermarket Client Find more >>

Shentou helps an American OE customer to develop wheel-end products Find more >>

Shentou’s Factory Inspection Service

Factory Inspection has been one of Shentou’s most popular services for international buyers, especially during the COVID-19 when most international buyers have not been able come to China for over 2 years.

Leveraging on its specialty on the quality of spare parts suppliers in China, Shentou’s Factory Inspection services provide international buyers with an efficient and cost-effective tool to assess a factory’s basic capability in supplying quality goods so that the buyers can make sound purchasing decisions.

Introductory Offer
299 € per factory


√ The fee is for one factory inspection at a single location for one product type, all inclusive.

√ The Introductory Offer is limited to the 1st order of up to 6 factories by each new customer only, and valid for orders placed on or before the  31st, December, 2022.

√ MOQ: Minimum 3 factories.

√ When the Introductory Offer expires, the standard factory inspection price of 499 € applies with each inspection and no MOQ.

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Questions & Answers:

What does factory inspection cover:
√ Factory’s basic information
○ Structure, general condition, number of staff, production capacity, system/product certifications, revenues, market coverage, etc.
√ Management of the main raw material suppliers
○ Supplier evaluation, incoming quality control, supplier quality performance, raw material warehouse, etc.
√ Development and design of product realization process
○ Planning of process design, process design, validation & confirmation of process design, etc.
√ Production process management
○ Staff, equipment/tooling, quality control, defective parts processing, material control, 5S management, etc.
√ Product management
○ Packaging management, finished parts performance testing, finished parts warehouse management, shipping management, customer complain processing, etc.
Length of a standard factory inspection:
√ A standard factory inspection usually takes 1.5 days (up to 12 hours) with 1 inspector
Inspection Report:
√ Inspection Report, in both Chinese & English, to be submitted within 3 working days after the inspection(s).

Shentou’s Suppler QA & QC Services include:
– Factory Inspection
– Factory Audits
– QC Inspection (PPI, DPI & PSI)

Shentou also offers General SCM Services to OEM & aftermarket:
– Product Development
– Project Management
– Supplier Management

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