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Customer Complaint Processing

Shentou has been regularly assisting overseas customers to process quality complaints or warranty claims. Based on Shentou’s 20-year plus experience, customer complaints are mostly focused on the following issues in the qualities of factories’ products or services

Complaints on product qualities: Various defects in product quality, such as appearance, packaging; nonconformities in labels, specifications & main dimensions; performance are out of specifications, etc.

Complaints on purchasing contracts: Deviations from original purchasing contract, such as quantities, specifications, delivery time, delivery points, payment terms, etc.

Complaints on shipments: Goods are damaged, spoiled or lost in transit, or loss due to packaging or mishandling in loading and unloading, etc.

Complaints on unsatisfied customer services due to issues in service quality, time, attitude, methods and skills.

Complaints on unsatisfied results of product quality complain processing due to the time and expectation of end-results.

Complaints on new product development, including delayed and over-extended development schedule, un-reasonable development process or structure of development team, insufficient staffing, staff not compatible with project requirements, etc.

Complaints on factory NC findings or unsatisfied NC corrections, including complaints on the capability of the service team, the correction and improvement plans, the progress of the correction or improvement implementation, and the results of the corrections and improvements.

Shentou’s service team will formulate the appropriate method and procedure, based on industrial standards and best practices, to deal with each customer complaint. Shentou will listen to the customer and professionally gather and analyze all the details. Leveraging on the expertise of our own technical and quality team, Shentou then helps the customer to work with the factory to find out the root causes and correction and/or improvement solutions. For major product quality issues, Shentou would require the factory to submit the 8D report and sometime even send teams of expertise to be stationed at the factory to help with the process.

Shentou will coordinate with the factory on behalf of the customer to arrive at a solution that is fair and reasonable for each party, while maximizing customer satisfaction.

With the travel restrictions or difficulties during or after COVID-19, Shentou will arrange for the customer and the factory to jointly review and discuss the issues via live video links such as video conferencing, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the complaint processing.

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