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Product Development

Shentou manages Product Development for its clients throughout the entire process:

▼ RFQ (with detailed information, including 2D & 3D drawings, specifications, volume, project timeline etc.)
▼ Research for potential suppliers (from existing supplier database as well as cultivating new suppliers) – long list
▼ Initial benchmark
▼ Pre-auditing (short list) based on IATF 16949 (Using Shentou’s internal audit reporting format)
▼ Official inspection & auditing by the client (based on client’s audit reporting format)
▼ Selection of suppliers, requesting for non-conformities discovered during audit and quality improvement
▼ Supply Contract negotiation
▼ 3D rough/raw part design and approval
▼ Tooling design and development
▼ Tooling trial (through manufacturing — samples/drawing/testing report submission)
▼ Sample validation
▼ Pilot run – PPAP submission (functional test, dimension check, process flow chart, material testing, reliability test, PFMEA, control plan etc.)
▼ DV (Design Validation) testing
▼ PSW Approval (Part Submission Warrant Approval)
▼ SOP & Mass production

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