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Supplier QMS Setup

The goal of a company’s setup of the quality management system (QMS) is to improve the company’s overall product quality and efficiency and maintain business growth. For companies with strong desire to reach these goals, an experienced consulting organization that is focused on the QMS in the automotive industry is a preferred choice when they are ready to establish or upgrade the QMS that are appropriate to the nature of their business.

The QMS documentation includes four ranks:

▼ First, the Quality Manual (QM), the document with the highest rank. It is compiled based on the company’s actual operations and defines legally compliant requirements and the full requirements of the standard;

▼ Second, Quality Procedure (QP), a core document of any QMS, that summarizes the activities related to key elements of the QMS and describes the approaches to implement these activities;

▼ Third, supporting documents such as WI/SOP or SIP/IS; 

▼ Forth, Quality Record (QR), that record the quality management and control activities based on the supporting documents.

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